The Poland Club

The Poland Club of Great Britain

An introduction to your Committee Members / Club Officials

President - Brian Anderton

Our Life President, Brian Anderton has been a member of The Poland Club for 60 years, initially winning Best Novice in 1957.

A former President of The National Federation of Poultry Clubs, Brian has achieved many successes over the years with his Polands

Chair- Clare Beebe

To many, our Chair, Clare Beebe, is Mrs Poland, having kept the breed for over 20 years, learning from her mentor, the late Eric Parker.

Clare works tirelessly for the Fancy, and Polands in particular, and is also a respected judge and organiser of many shows.

Secretary/Treasurer - Simon Pickles

[email protected]
As SecretaryTreasurer, my main role is to ensure the Club is run on sound financial lines as well as liaising with The Poultry Club and Show Secretaries to ensure all of the Club's administration is carried out.
I have kept Polands since 2011 and been showing since 2013.  Although the big prizes have so far eluded me, the friends I have met along the way are making it all worthwhile. I won Reserve Champion at The Club Show in 2015 and 2017, and at Reading Championship Show in 2020 I was proud to be awarded Best Soft Feather Light with a home-prepped bird.  The Poland Club is here to cater for all people who keep the breed, so if I can be of any help or if you have any ideas on how to increase club revenue please give me a shout.
Committee Member - Paul Lutkin

I joined the Poland club during the Spring of 2000 and started to breed and show shortly after that. Having grown up on the family farm i have always been involved with poultry. I have always liked crested breeds and my interest first started as a child with a silkie X pekin hen. In 1999 i discovered the Polands and have been fasinated by them ever since. Since 2000 i have kept all the standard colours in bantams at some point and several of the large fowl varieties. I currently keep white crested black and cuckoos in large fowl and white crested black and blue in bantam. I also keep all the standard self coloured bantams. I keep other crested breeds which include Houdan bantams, Araucanas in large and bantam, sulmtaler bantams and Belgian barbu de Watermael. Polands however will always be my priority! I am keen to help promote Polands whether its for the show bench or just as a breed to keep in the back garden for pleasure.  Paul judged the Polands at The National in 2019

Committee Member - Lee Pedley

Hailing from Cornwall, Lee joined the Committee in 2014, and is well known for his support of Polands, both as a breeder and exhibitor. Lee is the Club's Trophy Steward

He passed his Soft Feather Light Exam in 2015 and judged Polands at our Regional Show at The National in 2016.

Committee Member - Ryan Liggett

Ryan is from Northern Ireland, joined the Committee in 2015 and judged our 125th Anniversary Club Show at the Federation in 2016.  He is a keen student of the history of the breed and is adept at creating various colours in his project pens.

Committee Member - Tracey Bunder

Tracey has been an active member of the Club since 2013 and breeds Silver-laced Poland Bantams from her Lincolnshire base.

With a background in Sales, Finance and Administration, Tracey is a true asset to the Club Committee.  At the big shows Tracey and her family are never far away from The Club Stand, signing up new members and selling merchandise.

In 2019, Tracey and her husband, Dan, won Best Poland at The Federation  Club Show with a bantam Silver-laced Female.

Committee Member - James Weatherup

Pictured here holding his Self White Female, with Antony Welshman & Gerry Logue and based in Northern Ireland, James has been breeding Polands for many years and had many successes with many different colours.  James is a prolific contributor to our newsletters keeping everyone up to date with how vibrant the breed is in Northern Ireland.  James judged the Polands at our Regional Show at The 2020 Scottish National, and his chosen bird went on to win Supreme Champion for Yates & Jones.

Contact details for members of the committee can be found on the contact page.

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