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When you join an association or guild,

Just pause for a while, as your form’s being filled,

And think what becoming a member entails,

Don’t turn out to be one or more members who fails.

It’s not just the cost of your annual fee,

But attending the society, instead of TV.

Of actively helping to arrange the Club’s do’s,

And not opting out whenever you choose.

Don’t say all decisions are made by the few,

Get on the committee and state your own view.

Don’t slate Club officials from behind their backs,

Be honest and face them when grinding your axe!

Drum up fellow members when interests lag,

Don’t say not tonight, it’s too much of a drag,

Or there’s gardening and painting and much more to do.

A society is made up of such members as you.

Remember that comradeship found when on board,

With that and hard work the future’s assured.

So please do your bit, be it large or small

Without you my friend, there’d be no society at all.


by The Late Frank Clark

How to Join the Poland Club...

1 - Visit the Webstore and pay for membership.

2 - Fill in the online membership form so that we have your details.

3 - Register on the website so that you have a user name for the site and can log into the members area. (please be aware from receiving your membership fees it can take up to 24hrs for your online registration to be upgraded to full access) PLEASE fill in your online profile - this is the only way we know you are a member of the club! If you don't fill this in we struggle to pair up members with their online nick names - ie 'Poland Lover' - also known as Mrs Smith..

If you have any problems with the above please don't hesitate to contact us - [email protected]