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Breed Standard

Classification; Light Soft Feather.

Type: Back fairly long and tapered to the tail. Breast full and round, flanks deep, shoulders wide, wings large and closely carried. Tail full, neatly spread and carried rather low, not upright, the sickles coverts abundant and well curved.

Head: Large, with a decidedly pronounced protuberance on top, and crested. Crest large, full, circular on top and free of any split or parting, high and smooth in front and compact in the centre, falling evenly with long untwisted or reverse-faced feathers far down the nape of the neck, and composed of feathers similar to those of the neck hackle. Beak of medium length and having large nostrils rising above the curved line of the beak. Eyes large and full. Comb of horn type and very small if any (preference given to birds without a comb).

(Preferably there should be no comb or horns of any type).

Face smooth, without muffling in the white crested varieties, and completely covered by muffling in the others. Muffling large, full and compact, fitting around to the back of the eyes and almost hiding the face.

Ear lobes very small and round quite visible in the muffled varieties. Wattles rather large and long in white crested varieties: the others without wattles.

Neck: Long, with abundant hackle covering the shoulders.

Legs and Feet: Legs slender and fairly long, the shanks free from feathers. Toes, four, slender and well spread.


With exception of the crest, which is globular in shape, the general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.


The Chamois.

Male Plumage; Buff ground colour with white markings, crest white at the roots and tips, as free as possible of whole white feathers. Muffling mottled or laced, not solid buff.

Hackle tipped. Back, saddle and wing coverts distinctly laced or spangled at the tips. Breast, thighs, wing bars and secondary?s laced. Primaries tipped, tail coverts and sickles laced, the ends of sickles well splashed.

Female plumage; Except that the primaries are tipped, the colour and markings including the crest are buff ground with white lacing.

In both sexes; eyes, comb and face red, ear lobes blue white. Beak, legs and feet dark blue or horn, soles of the feet blue. (The leg and skin colour needs to be blue with this also applying to the self-white).

 The Gold Laced.

Male & Female plumage; as in the chamois, substituting golden bay as the ground colour with black markings and lacing. Eyes etc as in the chamois.

The Silver Laced.

Male & Female plumage; As in the chamois, substituting silver as the ground colour, with black markings and lacing. Eyes etc as in the chamois.

White permissible in the crest on laced varieties over one year old. 

The self-white.

Pure throughout. Eyes, etc as in the chamois.

(Blue legs, skin & beak). 

The self-black.

Male & Female plumage; Rich metallic black throughout.

Eyes etc as in chamois.

The white crested black.

Male & Female plumage; Rich metallic-black, except for the crest, which is snow white, with a black band at the base of the crest in front.

In both sexes: Eyes, combs, face and wattles red.

Ear lobes white.

Beak, legs and feet blue or horn (this needs to be slate with and no comb).


White crested blue.

Male & female plumage; An even shade of blue throughout. Except the crest which is snow white, with the blue band at the base of the crest in front. Eyes etc as in white crested black.

White crested cuckoo.

Male & female plumage; Even banding on all feathers of even shades of grey except the crest, which is snow white, with the cuckoo banding at the base of the crest in front.

In both sexes; eyes, wattles red. Beak, legs and feet white or white-blue, soles of feet white.



  • Male - 2.95kg (6.5lbs)
  • Female - 2.25kg(5lbs)


      Scale of points.

      The White Crested Varieties - Large and Bantam

      • Crest 30
      • Head & Wattles 15
      • Colour 30
      • Type 5
      • Size 10
      • Condition 10


      Other Varieties - Large and Bantam

      • Crest 30
      • Head and Muffling 15
      • Colour and Markings 30
      • Type 5
      • Size 10
      • Condition 10

      Serious Defects.

      Split or twisted crest. Comb if any, other than horn type. (No type of horn) Absence of muffling in birds other than white crested. Legs other than slate or blue with the cuckoo being the exception. Other than four toes on each foot. Any deformity.

      Absence of blue, black or cuckoo in front of crests on white crested varieties. In cuckoo solid black or white feather.


      Poland bantams follow the standards of their large counterparts.


      • Male - 680-790g(24-28oz)
      • Female - 510-680g(18-24oz)

        Frizzle Poland.

        The frizzle Poland is recognised in all the varieties both Large and Bantam as their plain feathered counterparts.

        They follow the same standard as the plain feathered varieties except the feathers must be frizzled. The body feathers should be broad and crisp and should curl away from the body and towards the head, the feathers in the beard and muff should also be frizzled. The curl should be as close and abundant as possible. The main feathers in the wings and tail are straight and frayed for about 1/3rd of their length.

        Serious defects as for the normal feathered varieties.


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